Full range of integral Irizar brand and mobility

Market launch of the full range of integral Irizar brand coaches and the beginning of the sustainable mobility project with the development of the Group’s electric bus

While integral coach technology was introduced in 2009, it was in 2011 that the full range was launched in order to expand the supply of conventional buses (chassis plus bodywork) for customers, complementing and providing a complete Irizar coach to all our worldwide markets.

We must also highlight the importance for the Group’s future of the decisions taken in 2011 regarding the initiation of projects for sustainable mobility in cities, which will result in the development of a 100% electric bus.


Creation of the Irizar Group’s R&D Centre

Creatio, the Irizar Group’s Research and Development Centre, was founded in 2012 to enhance the Irizar Group’s applied research and technological development capabilities both for the brand’s complete products and for major bodywork components. It also launched a Trainee Programme for hiring highly qualified individuals that would progressively form part of the centre, in accordance with its needs.