Transformation of Irizar to S. Coop.

A few kilometres from Ormaiztegi, Mondragon saw the birth of industrial cooperatives in the Basque Country, a philosophy that the Irizar brothers adopted in order to involve workers in the future of the company, giving partners the right to participate in its management. In 1963 Irizar became a cooperative formed of 60 members, a transformation that enabled the company to continue with its commitment to innovation and product development.

In 1964 Irizar developed the Unificado model and in 1967 manufactured the Trigottos. They were displayed as Dinam at Irizar’s catalogue, although it was not till 1969 when Irizar presented the one fully identified Dinam model.

In 1969, Irizar launched the Dinam model in which technical contributions outweighed design. Standard models enjoyed ventilation via a roof skylight and side window with sliding upper window, while the deluxe version had air conditioning via auxiliary equipment.
In 1970, Irizar manufactured the first coach for the domestic market with air conditioning as standard. This saw the firm take off and confirmed its differentiation as a luxury coach bodybuilder. The importance of the Dinam can be confirmed by the fact that by 1970 six major state coach bodybuilders had built their own versions of this model, which had only been launched in 1969.

By the end of the sixties Irizar had become a leader among passenger transport companies.