Corporate Social Responsibility

Building a better world

We see Corporate Social Responsibility as a way to think about the future and to help build a better world. We therefore act in a sustainable manner in order to become increasingly competitive, to generate wealth and long term employment, to satisfy our employees, customers and partners and to protect and preserve our environment for generations to come.

And all this without forgetting the commitment, both in financial terms and in terms of the dedication of the people who make up Irizar, to contribute to the socio-economic improvement of the environment and the society in which we are integrated.

We adhere to the United Nations Global Compact, thereby clearly demonstrating our commitment to Human Rights, Labour Rights, the Environment and Anti-Corruption.




View the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles

Sustainability Reports

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Our commitment

To customers and passengers


Always by your side

We work hard every day to satisfy our customers and earn their loyalty by building close relationships and offering them the best products and services tailored to their needs. We are renowned for our transparent business ethics.

Irizar’s main strategy is to “Earn the loyalty of our customers” based on four major pillars that have underpinned our Group philosophy throughout our history: safety, reliability, performance and service. The design and development of new coaches is carried out with the participation of partners, suppliers, customers, drivers and passengers by conducting an analysis of their needs.


It is only in this way, as a result of constant work and an interest to always improve and advance along this line, that these aspects have become the representative elements of the brand and of Irizar coaches. A clear commitment to supply buses that are safer, more accessible, more profitable and more reliable for our customers and passengers.

Active and passive safety are strategic aspects of our new developments. We invest whatever it takes in technology and innovation to become leaders in this field, where Irizar stays a step ahead of the demands and regulations of each market in order to achieve and guarantee the highest levels of safety for both the driver and the passengers.

To the employees that make up Irizar


One million euros per year invested in the health and safety of persons

In recent years, we have invested one million euros in the health and safety of persons which has undoubtedly delivered an improvement in health.

Thanks to the work of the health and safety team through actions related to all accidents and incidents, we can confirm that accident and incident rates have decreased significantly .




The high standard of the employment is due to the fact that all contracts become permanent following a training period in order to assess the suitability of all the persons hired.

External partners


External partners

The relationship with suppliers and other external partners is based on ethics and professionalism.

In this sense, we design and develop coaches with the participation of partners and suppliers.


In addition to the strategic alliances we maintain with our partners in the Irizar Group subsidiary companies, we have agreements with distributors for distribution and customer service in our markets.

To the environment


For a sustainable world

We are engaged in projects to improve energy efficiency, to optimise waste management in all our businesses and reduce the environmental impact of our business and our products and to help improve the health and quality of life of citizens.

Currently the most relevant principles governing the Irizar Group’s sustainability policy are:

Irizar environmental policy

  • The Application of environmental criteria in the design of our products (Ecodesign).
  • The incorporation of Best Available Technologies (BAT) in our manufacturing processes which have led to the implementation of processes relating to waste separation, welding fume extraction and 100% recycling of the solvents used in the painting process, thereby reducing the annual consumption of natural gas and, consequently, the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. In the past 5 years we have reduced consumption by around 50%.


  • The constant search for the best solutions for achieving the maximum reduction of CO2 emissions. We can also point to our strong commitment to incorporate water-based paint in all our paint processes.
  • Eco-efficiency – The implementation of measures to progressively reduce the generation of waste.
  • Electromobility as a new strategic decision with great significance in terms of innovation in sustainable mobility for the future of our cities.
  • Responsible energy consumption.
  • Encouraging the commitment of all our employees to these aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Our support to society


For a better world

Our relationship with society is respectful, open and participatory, collaborating in the creation of wealth and employment, in education, culture and sport in our immediate environment, as well as carrying out charitable activities.

Our group philosophy is based on an unequivocal commitment to growth and wealth creation, as well as on the socio-economic improvement of the environment and society where our presence is most entrenched.

We collaborate with nearby training centres and universities, and carry out actions aimed at improving the coach-related knowledge of public transportation and emergency service professionals when responding to accidents involving coaches.

We also contribute to culture and sports-related activities and training at universities.

And we are firmly committed to international cooperation, not only to boost global development but also as an avenue for internal growth.


We assume our responsibilities in the awareness that, via this commitment, we have become active agents for social change. We contribute as much as we can to improve our social environment. In order to do so, far from centralising our efforts into a single line of action, we collaborate with various organisations and associations working globally, nationally and locally. Education, health, child nutrition, social equality and environmental sustainability are some of our areas of action, with different projects worldwide.

We are contributing 1.5 million euros per year to support our community.

We are currently involved in more than 40 projects across 20 NGOs on 5 continents, working to care for the most disadvantaged and elderly persons, in terms of their education and their health, as well as in the development of children with and without disabilities (physical or mental) or at risk of social exclusion.

In addition, we collaborate with 20 Gipuzkoa-based associations in order to help them achieve their goals.