Irizar i6S

The combination of technology and design

The Irizar i6s is a coach for medium and long-distance lines. The Irizar i6s has aesthetic characteristics and is equipped with the technology of the brand’s new models, to replace and exceed, by far, the emblematic model Irizar pb. At the base of the development of this new product is a cutting-edge technology that takes into account values and concepts such as the quality, sturdiness and reliability of a model with its own personality.
In the same way as all other models of the brand, the Irizar i6s complies with the safety regulations R.66.02 and incorporates the latest systems in active safety to assure the stability and minimize risks in unforeseen situations.
The i6s follows the precepts of the Irizar buses. It is a robust, fast, quiet and reliable coach, allowing a very high degree of personalization. It offers lengths ranging from 12.3m to 15m (with 2 height options: 3.9m and 3.9 Plus), 3 types of WC (rear, central and double rear), new seats, different entertainment systems, new interior upholstering, in new colors and finishing.


A visual language of its own

A new semiotics for a new Irizar i6s. Inspired by its own visual style, the look of the Irizar evinces the effects with which Irizar wants to emphasize these new times.

The design of its front is distinguished by the new LED headlamps and by the detail of the unique trapezoidal integration of the adaptive cruise control system. The lines are more pronounced and aggressive, sculpted on hard and soft surfaces. Harmonic integration of different elements, such as anti-fog headlights or position lights on the roof. A renewed and flashy result that qualifies and emphasizes the familiar face of the Irizar i6s.
In short, it’s a coach that accentuates the sense of optimization and high quality. A feeling generated by details of modern enhancements.