Strong growth and the start of internationalisation

In 1994, Irizar began to collaborate with the European markets; what began as a collaboration with Scania UK eventually expanded to all European countries and enabled Irizar to manufacture 1,500 coach bodies per year for the European market in conjunction with Scania.

1995 saw the beginning of the internationalisation process as a result of the bodywork technology transfer strategy. China was the first, ambitious objective; Irizar Maghreb was established in Morocco in 1997 and a plant was implemented in Brazil in 1998. The expansion continued into Latin America and that same year saw the inauguration of the Irizar Mexico plant. Continuing this international expansion, 2001 saw the inauguration of the plant in India and three years later Irizar entered South Africa. Hispacold and Masats were also incorporated into the Irizar Group during this same period.

During these 14 years of strong economic growth, Irizar also experienced strong growth in Ormaiztegi, building as many as 1,500 coach bodies each year.

2001 marked the launch of the Irizar pb, which once again became a benchmark for design in the sector and was named Coach of the Year in Spain and Coach of the Year in Europe. The vehicle received praise from the top specialist magazines in Europe.

In 2007, Irizar expanded its product range by launching the Irizar i4 to the market.

Irizar Southern Africa was created in 2004 in Centurion.