Irizar manufactures the first liquid natural gas (LNG) long distance coach

Septiembre 2021

Irizar has manufactured the first liquid natural gas (LNG) i4 model coach with a range of more than 1000 kilometres for intercity or short distance routes. This option is an addition to the wide range of technologies and sustainable fuels that Irizar is currently offering.

The first vehicle equipped with this technology is the class II i4 model Irizar. It is a versatile coach that is perfect for cities, commuter lines, school or company transport and occasional use.

It has two cylindrical cryogenic (-162º C) type tanks placed longitudinally on both sides of the coach’s central baggage area, which is completely watertight and isolated from the passenger area. They have a gas capacity of 704 litres and they weigh 830 kg when completely full.

They comply with regulation R66.02 and the components and the installation meet all the safety protocols according to regulation 110.

Because it is an alternative environmentally friendly, economical fuel and a mature technology with wide availability, natural gas is an extremely important aspect of the energy transition. In addition to a range of up to 1000 km, the environmental benefits provided by this technology reduce CO2 emissions by 25%, NOx emissions by 85% and particle pollution by 96%, minimising air quality reference emissions that affect health to nearly zero.

Beyond providing greater thermal performance than diesel, noise levels are also reduced by 50%. Insofar as operating costs (TCO), it is estimated that they may be up to 30% lower depending on the cost differential of natural gas and diesel. The maintenance cost remains similar to a conventional diesel vehicle.

The LNG (natural liquid biofuel) range of vehicles from Irizar includes the i4, i6S and i6 Irizar model coaches. In September, the Irizar i4 will also be available with the new Scania NBG 9I Euro6E 340 horsepower chassis. In 2022 that technology will be extended to the Irizar i6 and i6S models for medium and long distance suburban routes with a new generation 410 horsepower 131 NBG chassis in lengths from 12 to 15 metres.

It has two options for biofuel tank packages, a single tank or two separate tanks for different ranges and luggage compartment capacities.

In comparison with CNG (compressed natural gas), LNG or liquid natural gas, takes up less space (600 times less), it has an energy density 1.4 greater and the complete system weighs less.

With this new development Irizar has kept expanding its wide range of technological solutions that can adapt to any need, including zero emissions electric buses, diesel coaches, biofuel, natural gas, HVO, hybrid, biofuel and B100. It has a large catalogue of choices that spans all market segments, like urban buses, suburban and medium and long distance coaches for both regular and occasional and Premium routes.

All of that has the strategic goal to keep promoting the use of mass transit and to build all the sustainability projects that society and the challenges of climate change demand.

Features of the manufactured Irizar i4

The L version of the Irizar i4, with a smooth floor and low aisle for better accessibility, is 12.2 metres long, it has a double central door with built in PRM manufactured by Masats and it’s been built on a Scania 320 EB 4X2 E6D LNG biofuel chassis with a 9l and 320 hp engine. It has seating for 49, 1 PRM and room for 13 standing passengers. And, in this case, it will do commuter routes with frequent stops. It also includes destination signage, a CCTV video surveillance system and a digital gas control panel that lets the driver verify incidents in the gas system and comply with all safety protocols.