Novembre 2021

Sustainable technology at your service

Coinciding with the European Mobility Week, we are bringing you the Irizar Group´s range of coaches and buses. The satisfaction of our customers and passengers, coupled with the need for future sustainable mobility, are the driving forces behind the design and delivery of Irizar´s new e-Mobility technology and solutions.

We boast one of the largest ranges of buses, coaches and technological solutions to suit every need: from zero-emission electric buses to diesel, biogas, natural gas, HVO, hybrid, biodiesel and B100 coaches, catering for a wide range of options covering all market segments: from city buses to suburban, medium and long distance coaches for both regular, occasional and premium services.


City buses

100% electric, zero emission buses

We provide turnkey e-mobility solutions for cities and operators, including interoperable charging infrastructure and systems; the zero-emission Irizar ieBus and ieTram in our catalogue both feature Irizar Group technology.

  • Irizar’s ieBus is a sustainable, eco-efficient urban mobility option for current and future city transport needs. The versions developed so far are the articulated 10.8m, 12m, 15m and 18m models.
  • Irizar’s ieTram is a zero-emission electric bus with an appealing tram-like appearance, offering maximum capacity, easy access and enough space for passengers to move freely around inside. This model is available in both 12m and 18m articulated versions, with a maximum capacity for 155 passengers.


Suburban coaches

Diesel, HVO, B100, hybrid and natural gas (CNG or LNG)

We offer the latest range of Irizar i3le and Irizar i4 buses and coaches, both with diesel, HVO, B100, hybrid and natural gas (CNG or LNG) propulsion systems, in either Irizar’s own integral version or models combining bodywork and chassis from the existing market.

  • The Irizar i3le is a low entry vehicle whose main features are its functionality and accessibility. It is available in lengths ranging from 10.95 to 15 metres with different door configurations and locations (double leaf, single leaf) and PRM ramps (manual or automatic) for the front or centre doors. The Irizar i3le is suitable for multiple layouts to meet the requirements of the service being offered and maximise the number of seated and standing passengers.
  • The Irizar i4 is a versatile vehicle, ideal for metropolitan, commuter, school, company or occasional use. The different versions of this vehicle (H, M, L) strike the perfect balance between accessibility and luggage compartment capacity, depending on the needs of each operator. The central door’s single or double leaf versions can be easily fitted with a footboard-integrated PRM lift to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility. The flat, low floors and open-plan aisles underpin the idea of adaptability:
  • L: ideal for short distance services with frequent stops; plenty of space for standing passengers and a low floor for easy access.
  • M: flat floor with no aisle or steps, allowing different PRM layouts.
  • H: with a central aisle, ideal for medium distances and more luggage capacity.

This vehicle is available in lengths ranging from 9.4 m to 15m.


Medium and long distance coaches

Diesel, HVO, B100, hybrid and natural gas (LNG)

We offer the latest range of Irizar i4, Irizar i6 and Irizar i6S coaches with HVO, B100, hybrid and natural gas (LNG) propulsion systems, in either Irizar’s own integral version or models combining bodywork and chassis from the existing market.

  • The Irizar i4 described in the previous paragraph is an ideal vehicle for medium distance services.
  • The Irizar i6 is a multi-purpose coach ideal for regular and occasional services; its appealing, modern design makes it ideal for customers demanding maximum profitability. Its performance, aerodynamics and attention to detail and comfort are outstanding. Available in lengths from 10.8m to 15m.
  • The Irizar i6S, designed for medium, long distance and occasional services, is a coach that blends design and technology. It is a unique vehicle with its own personality, whose quality, efficiency, robustness and reliability are its hallmark. The Irizar i6S is available in lengths from 10.8m to 15m.


Coaches for premium and long distance services

Diesel, HVO and B100

The Irizar i8 is a vehicle equipped with diesel, HVO and B100 propulsion, in either Irizar’s own integral version or models combining bodywork and chassis from the existing market.

  • The Irizar i8 is a luxury coach for premium, long distance or occasional services and other special uses. Featuring the most advanced technology on the market, this coach, with its iconic, benchmark status, is the cornerstone on which Irizar is basing its future prospects for the long distance and occasional service sectors.

The Irizar i8 is a combination of design, technology and sustainability. It is exceptionally comfortable for the driver, tour guide and passengers and a highly prestigious asset for its owners, meaning it has become the ultimate benchmark in quality, robustness, reliability and efficiency in a sector marked by the Irizar i8´s unique personality and the remarkable visual impression it makes. Awarded “Coach of the Year”, the jury singled out this vehicle as a benchmark regarding total costs, taking into account purchase price, depreciation and residual value, fuel consumption, repair and maintenance costs. It is currently available in 12.4m, 13.22m, 14.07m and 14.98m lengths.


Our strategy is based on offering turnkey solutions for sustainable, efficient, smart, accessible, safe and interconnected public transport. Against this backdrop, we have recently launched several e-mobility projects involving hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles; one within the framework of the “Basque Hydrogen Corridor” and others on a European level.  The Irizar Group’s technological road map for the coming years contemplates the development of short, medium and long distance electric coaches and buses with hydrogen fuel cells, which will gradually be extended to the rest of the Irizar Group’s range of vehicles (buses and trucks for urban services).