Irizar has won the contract to supply the electric bus system for the Swiss city of Schaffhausen

May 2019

The electromobility company from Gipuzkoa is making a big splash in central Europe. After being awarded a contract for 10 units for Rheinbahn in Düsseldorf, Germany, they’re now expanding into Schaffhausen in Switzerland, where they’ve just signed a contract for 15 zero emissions electric buses with the charging infrastructure.

This is a unique project in Switzerland and Europe as the energy needed for the charging stations will be generated in the Rhine River as it passes through Schaffhausen.

Irizar has been awarded the supply contract for the first line of electric buses for the city of Schaffhausen in a public tender. The contract includes 15 Irizar ie tram model zero-emissions electric vehicles (7 of which are 12 metres and 8 are 18 metres long), 12 fast charging stations and 16 in-depot charging stations. This is a lighthouse project with the aim of electrifying public transport in the city of Schaffhausen. And it includes the possibility for a second phase in 2022-2027 when the amount may rise to 47 vehicles, 20 quick charging stations and 51 in-depot charging stations.

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