Mr. Gustavo D’Andrea has joined Irizar USA as the Senior Account Executive

December 2019

He will be responsible for the South – East region of the country, based in Orlando, Florida. With more than 28 years of experience in the heavy-equipment industry, Gus possesses very strong understanding of the products with expertise in both sales and service aspects.

Gus has extensive technical knowledge regarding heavy equipment and is proficient in English and Spanish – catering to the needs of the diverse population in the area. He brings incredible dedication while understanding customer needs and requirements along with identifying and developing solutions for them. He is very committed towards maintaining a long-term relationship with the customers by always working on researching new, relevant products. Gus also commands a vast knowledge on preventative maintenance and loves to share his knowledge and experience with the customers. He has previously served numerous, satisfied clients in the Floridian peninsula and South-eastern region.

In addition, Gus will be developing a stronger after sales and service network in the region. He is very capable of seeking and creating new opportunities with customers, suppliers and vendors and aligns very closely to our value of always remaining close to our customers and adapting to their needs.  Irizar prides itself on its guiding principles and core values of the Irizar brand; Safety, Reliability, Aftersales Service, Cost of Ownership, Customization, Passenger Comfort and Innovation. With a strong foundation of immense technical knowledge and dedication towards unparalleled customer service, Gus represents all our values. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to him.