Irizar i6

The Irizar i6 is a versatile high-end coach, ideal for commuter and touring services. It stands out due to its features, design, aerodynamics, attention to detail and comfort. Irizar´s identifying symbols make it unmistakable as a safe, reliable and profitable coach. Driving it is a special experience, and travelling in it is a true pleasure.

The structure of the Irizar i6 has been designed taking into consideration the vehicle’s resistance to frontal collision and roll-overs, complying with the R66.01 safety regulation. The structural strength and torsional rigidity have been improved, as well as the load and weight distribution, providing greater driving stability. It offers a more spacious and ergonomic driving position, with integrated dashboard screens for all the driver´s functions.

The Irizar i6 offers maximum capacity for adaptation, allowing clients to configure the coach and other equipment options according to their specifications, to fit their needs.

Options include a wide range of finishes and various seat upholsteries, as well as a long list of on-board entertainment, including a Wi- Fi system, iPod connection, monitors integrated into the seats, individual audio, navigation and surveillance systems, and a number of catering options.  Further upgrades include access for persons with disabilities, fire extinguishing equipment, air purifier and much more.



Available configurations



*The configuration shown avobe, may vary depending on the specifications.

General information 

Standard / SuperCargo
Length 45ft / 45ft
Height 12’3″ / 12’11”
Width 102 in / 102 in
Front overhang 82.3 in / 82.3 in
Rear overhang 109.6 in / 109.6 in
Distance between axles front-drive 311.2 in / 311.2 in
Distance between axles: drive-third steering axle 47.2 in / 47.2 in
+ More general information
Front door width 35.4 in / 35.4 in
Rear door width
Free-standing aisle height 78 in / 78 in
First step height 14.2 in / 14.2 in
Turning circle 40.8 ft/ 40.8 ft
Luggage compartment volume (approx.) 476 cu ft / 620 cu ft
Parcel rack compartment volume ( approx.) 56.5 cu ft / 56.5cu ft
Maximum authorised weight 54000 Ibs / 54000 Ibs

Powertrain information



Cylinder arrangement 6 Cylinder
Piston displacement 729 in3
Valves 24 V
Feed Common Rail
Variable- turbine geometry
 Maximum power 317 Kw
425 hp
1800 rpm
Maximum torque (Nm) 1650 lb-ft
1100 rpm
Emissions compliance EPA 13





Fully autonomic 6 speed gear box.

Capable of generating torque of up to 1700 lb-ft.

Electronic with advanced software for optimum fuel consuption.


Axle information 

Front axle

ZF RL 82 EC independent 8 2+2 shock absorbers and air bellows).

Real axle 

ZF AV 132 (3.54:1 ratio) ( 4+4 shock absorbers and air bellows).

Tag axle

ZF RL 82 EC independent ( 2+2 shock absorbers and air bellows).

Seat distribution




No. of seats


Rear No Yes 56+1+1 30in


Full Climate control Air Conditioning system
Artic heating system
Programmable pre-heater
Convector fan in WC
Convector fans in luggage compartments
Moquette driver seat
Multifunction steering wheel
Tyre pressure monitoring system
Leather driver seat  
GPS navigator  
Parking sensors
LED interior lighting
Aeyes destination boards
Bosch DVD equipment and 19″ Bosch front monitor  
Bosch Classic line audio equipment  
Bosch Professional line audio equipment  
15″ Bosch second and third monitor  
Digital TV Tuner  
Rear view video camera  
GPS connected to monitors  
WiFi internet connection  
Lifts for wheelchairs  
Individual air conditioning and lighting
3 point safety belt on seats
Irizar moquette seats
Irizar synthenic leather inserts
Irizar seats with leather inserts
Coathanger behind seat
Seat back table
Magazine net behind seat
Armrest  ●
Footrest  ●
Waste bin at entrance and central door  ○
110V plug sockets for each pair of seats  ●
Aircraft style locker lids  ○
Bi-Xenon front geadlamps
Stainless steel structure
Extra tinted side windows
Fire suppression system
Air purifier system
Pre-fitting for trailer hook equipment
Alcoa wheel rims