Passenger safety

Passenger safety

Avoiding problems on the road is a requirement for every Irizar vehicle.

All Irizar brand models meet passive safety standards and have the most modern active safety systems to ensure stability and minimize risk in unforeseen circumstances.

ESC stability control provides active torque checking and optimally distributes braking force to each wheel independently to prevent loss of control when maneuvering abruptly on slippery surfaces. The advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) identifies when maximum braking force needs to be applied and acts automatically to minimize stopping distance.  The lane departure warning system (LDW) detects unintentional departures from the lane the vehicle is travelling in and alerts the driver by vibrating the seat.

In the most extreme situations where it is not possible to predict the behavior of other drivers, it is reassuring to know that the structure of the coaches has been designed to withstand roll-overs and head-on collisions, optimizing weight distribution.

MagicEye is a technologically advanced assistance system developed by Datik, an Irizar Group company, which uses artificial vision technology to help minimize the risk of distraction and collision by detecting and anticipating situations, which helps improve driving reliability.


Active safety

(Preventive safety)


All our coaches and buses are equipped with the most advanced active safety technologies on the market in order to help, warn and assist drivers and avoid risky situations. We also offer the possibility of training on best driving practices in order to minimise distractions and contribute to safer, more efficient and more reliable driving.

We take care of the driver

Because their safety, comfort and ergonomics are key.

  • We work day in day out to ensure that the driver’s seat is as spacious, comfortable and ergonomic as possible and offers optimum accessibility to the controls.
  • It features automatic climate control with independent temperature control and ventilation for the driver’s area and passenger area.
  • The Eco 3 air ioniser purifies the air in order to minimise driver fatigue.
  • Our coaches offer quick and consistent demisting of the windscreen in order to maximise visibility.
Additional equipment options

We also offer a wide range of equipment for the safety of passengers on their trips such as:

  • Sensitive doors and luggage compartment covers to prevent automatic opening and closing.
  • Breathalyser ignition interlock device.
  • Closed circuit camera system for detection of incidents
  • Central footboard camera
Flame-retardant materials

Flame-retardant materials are used when manufacturing our coaches. Our coaches are equipped with automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems in the engine area and with smoke detectors in the W.C.

Always the right lighting

We use the most advanced lighting technologies in order to maximise the visual field and quality both by day and at night and under any climatic situation. Thanks to these systems, we are able to improve visibility and reduce drivers’ eye strain, helping them to react quickly in dangerous situations.

  • LED lighting technology (light emitting diodes). Longer life and lower consumption.
  • Automatic light and rain sensor.
  • LED daytime running lights with automatic ignition.
  • Turn signal. This feature is activated when the vehicle is travelling at speeds below 40 km/h. The headlights illuminate the areas on both sides of the coach.
    • Forwards: side corresponding to the steering wheel
    • Reverse: the opposite side to the steering wheel (the “sweep” zone).
  • High performance Bi-Xenon lighting for dipped and main beams. The projector lenses lead to a greater extent and area of dispersion and can therefore illuminate a wider area of the road.
  • Headlight regulation and automatic washing system.

Passive safety


Our priority is to minimise the consequences for those persons involved in an unavoidable accident. This is the objective of passive safety. To this end:

  • We design the structure of our coaches taking into account resistance to roll-over, front-on collisions and crushing of the passenger compartment.
  • Irizar coaches comply with R66/01 regulations on the roll-over resistance of the structure (effective in 2017).
  • In addition to two-point belts, customers may opt for comfortable three-point seat belts, adjustable in height for all ages, and Isofix.
  • We comply with European standards for persons with reduced mobility in terms of elevator systems and wheelchair anchoring systems.

Our seats are developed with the safety and comfort of passengers in mind, including that of our youngest passengers.
Irizar seats are designed to provide safety and comfort to passengers. They undergo stringent resistance testing to reduce injuries and ensure that the minimum residual space is maintained. They comply with the most stringent new regulations, R.14 in Europe, 20G in the USA and ADR80 in Australia.

Rescue safety

(post collision)


We also offer ongoing training to fire departments for the purpose of teaching them the best way to stabilise coaches and their risk components so that they can perform the best possible extrication techniques.