Irizar at UMA Motorcoach Expo

February 2022

Irizar USA is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming United Motorcoach Association Expo taking place in Long beach, California this year from February 23rd through 26th.

As it does every year, Irizar USA ‘the exclusive distributor for the luxurious Irizar i6 motor coach for the Northern American continent’ is looking forward to meeting everyone and contributing to the rejuvenation of the bus and motor coach industry in the country.

After two long years with the pandemic, the industry is slowly but surely inching towards recovery and Irizar Group has navigated the way to consistently understand market needs and reinvent itself to serve its customers. Founded in 1889, the Irizar Group is established itself with more than 3,000 employees and an aggregate sales volume exceeding 1 billion dollars. It is geographically and industrially diversified, consisting of seven companies (Irizar, Irizar e-mobility, Alconza, Datik, Hispacold, Masats and Jema) with production operations in 13 production plants in Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa in addition to their own R&D center Creatio. With its headquarters in Ormaiztegi, Spain; the parent company Irizar, S. Coop also includes Creatio who works for applied research and technological development of products and systems for the Group. Therefore, Irizar, as whole represents a business group with an international footprint with business focused on the passenger transport, electromobility, energy, electronics, electric motors and generators and connectivity sectors and is continuously growing, firmly committed to the brand, technology, and sustainability.

Irizar Group has safeguarded employment and retained talent, increased collaborations with suppliers, local technology centers, institutions, universities, and so on to continue feeding the industry and aims to become a cornerstone for the mobility of the future, more sustainable, safer, smarter, and more connected, with the presence of vehicles powered by different energy sources, increasingly efficient and with different levels of range and services that will improve its customers’ experience. Innovating and creating new products and new technologies, Irizar is leading toward becoming a global player in sustainable mobility by seeking solutions with a high technological content to enable its customers to provide their services more efficiently and sustainably, based on the conviction that the future will involve mass public transport, as a fundamental solution for the sustainability of the planet.

Channeling its undivided focus toward recovery of the market, the Irizar Group has globally launched several ideas to strength its strategic position. Along with the several solutions presented to combat Covid-19: protection screens, access temperature control cameras, eCo3 air purifiers, air renewal systems and passenger compartment disinfection that have been installed in the coaches to help the customers comply with all the health and safety regulations in place, the company has maintained to stay closer to its customers than ever.

Irizar USA has followed in the footsteps of ‘The Irizar Group’ and developed preventative maintenance solutions to aid its customers minimize their costs and maintain the fleet to prepare for the recovery. After sales service has been prioritized more than ever, and innovative ideas to enable the customers to navigate the system for the additions in their fleet have been put into place. The company is excited to share all the developments to the customers at the Expo.