By your side

October 2020

For a safer and more sustainable future

We have first-hand experience of the crisis we are going through in travel in general, and road-going public transport in particular. We share these concerns with you and we also share the challenge of returning the situation to normal.

We stand together at your side and express our wholehearted support in a period of great uncertainty, in which we must make our contribution by showing how safe coach and bus travel is and how much it contributes to improving people’s quality of life.

The crisis has made clear that public transport is a key sector of the economy, not only because of the wealth and employment it generates, but also because of the role in plays in society in enabling so many people and organisations to function socially and commercially across a wide range of personal and economic spheres.

Energy transition and decarbonisation are two of the fundamental concerns facing Governments in social and economic development. Our sector develops sustainable mobility that, in turn, results in improvements in public health and the environment for society at large. A future in which public transport in coaches and buses is not a key player in this is unfathomable.

A difficult task lies ahead and it is a job we must take on with joint responsibility. Public leadership, institutions, operators and manufacturers must all row in the same direction.

In closing, I would like to send you a message of hope, a message about a bright future and, of course, our unconditional support. You have us at your side for any needs that may arise.

Meanwhile, we will keep developing innovative solutions that can pave the way for the recovery of the industry. Our goal is to make public passenger transport progressively safer, more efficient and sustainable, and reduce the impact of vehicle emissions, noise pollution, and accident rates.

We remain firmly committed to public transport as a fundamental solution for achieving those goals.

And, of course… Always at your side!


Rafael Sterling

CEO of the Irizar Group