A comfortable ride makes satisfied customers. For this reason, every detail is important. The Century has a wider and more convenient front access, both for the driver and the passengers. Also, its temperature control system is independent, more powerful and easier to use.

Furthermore, the modern and ergonomic driver’s area, where all controls are easy to reach, guarantees drivers a comfortable, relaxing and safe journey, helping them to enjoy every single kilometre.

The vehicle was acclaimed throughout the world during the nineties, becoming an indisputable leader in its sector as a result, among others of its profitability.

Thanks to its design, the Irizar Century consumes even less fuel. Similarly, the improvements introduced as regards access to components and systems means that maintenance is easier, and the cost of replacement parts for a number of components lower.

As a result, each investment made in a Century is a safe bet, guaranteed to give profitable returns.

In addition to making a concerted effort as regards profitability, each Century incorporates thousands of solutions that have been designed, tested and developed to offer customers guaranteed comfort and safety.

During the design re-creation of the vehicle, our objective was clear: to build an even more reliable vehicle.