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Strong stake of the Irizar Group in the Argentine market

April 2019

The irizar brand landed in Argentina through Gorena S.A. and announced its market strategy, the result of a great bet to be close to customers and offer them the best products and services tailored to their needs. During the ceremony, Irizar presented its range of available buses, represented by the Irizar i6 and Irizar i6S models.

The presentation ceremony took place on April 11 at the Costa Salguero Center in the City of Buenos Aires and was attended by more than 300 clients and people from the Argentine press. After explaining the details and strategic developments of Irizar and Gorena S.A., five buses were presented, three of the Irizar i6 model and two of the Irizar i6S model.

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One of the pillars of Irizar’s brand strategy is its proximity to its customers, with the objective of meeting their expectations with the products and services that best meet their needs. Products that add value to your business and that differentiate themselves technologically and at the image level.

Gorena S.A., the exclusive distributor of Irizar in Argentina, is formed by historical leaders in the Argentine market, both in the segment of suppliers and the segment of transport operators. In this way, it provides in-depth knowledge of the entire value chain in the industry. Gorena’s facilities will become the centerpiece of the country’s sales and after-sales service network.

Its concern with quality and service, as well as its great technical experience in the sector, make it a solid and reliable partner, which will allow Irizar to become a premium reference brand in Argentina, offering the customer an attractive formula that combines a product reliable, secure and profitable, with a service able to satisfy all the needs.