i6S (Equador)

Irizar units arrive in Ecuador: More safety, comfort and profitability

July 2020

With more than 130 years of history, Irizar is known worldwide for its focus on the development of profitable products that become efficient, safe, comfortable and resistant vehicles, providing the passenger with a comfortable experience and the operator with the best profitability in the operation.

All these benefits, already known to the Ecuadorian market, will arrive in the country next month through two more Irizar bodies: one of the i6 model with Mercedes Benz O500RS 4X2 chassis and the other of the i6S model with Mercedes Benz O500RSD 6X2 chassis.

The partnership between Irizar Brasil and Mercedes Benz in this project demonstrates the commitment of both brands to the constant search for maximum efficiency in operation, but, above all, for the safety and comfort of passengers. In this way, complete solutions are delivered to the market for the different applications existing in a region as unique as Latin America and in this specific case, Ecuador.

About the bodies:

Model: Irizar i6

Chassis: Mercedes Benz O500RS 4X2 (Euro III)

With 13.20 meters in length and 3.90 meters in height, which gives it the largest cargo space in its category, 42 seats, semi-bed seats, aluminum fuel tank (Irizar exclusivity) combined with the items package of series that makes up the Irizar range, this model is the safest and most profitable option in the segment.

Model: Irizar i6S

Chassis: Mercedes Benz O500RSD 6X2 (Euro III)

The Irizar i6S unit, with its unique design and internal and external full led lighting, is 15 meters long and 3.90 meters high, which provides you with the largest cargo space in the category. It also has 50 seats, semi-bed seats and 860 liter stainless steel fuel tank (exclusive Irizar), which are combined with all the comfort and safety items that make up the Irizar range.

i6S (Equador)

In addition to the high level of personalization, great brand expertise, safety and reliability stand out as values of the Irizar bodies and, therefore, are also present in these units destined for Ecuador.

With regard to safety, all Irizar bodies comply with the most demanding regulations in the world, such as R66.02 for structures and R14 and R80 for seats, in addition to special anti-corrosion protection for hostile environments, which guarantees a long service life of the structural part.

The bodies are also equipped with the Hispacold air conditioning system (one of the companies in the Irizar Group), which has an exclusive automatic air renewal system every 3 minutes on average, thus ensuring a much healthier environment inside the vehicle.

In addition, they have the exclusive Purifier and Air Eco3, with proven efficiency in removing germs, bacteria and viruses through the use of ozone ions in a controlled manner inside the air conditioning system.