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Irizar prepares to deliver 68 i6 units to Buses Hualpén in 2019

February 2019

In November 2018, through its official Chilean distributor, Grupo Cabal, Irizar Brasil received an order of 10 units that will be destined to Buses Hualpén. Already earlier this year another three orders were made, one of 8, one of 20 and one of 30 units, thus totaling a total of 68 units that will be delivered in 2019.

Of the 68 units, 40 take chassis Scania K360 IB 4X2 and 20 units take chassis Mercedes Benz O-500RS 1936/30 4X2. The measurements are 13.20m in length and 3.70 in height. The other 8 units carry Scania K400 IB 6X2 * 4 chassis and are 14m long and 3,90m high.

The 68 units are expected to be delivered between March and July and it is expected that by the end of 2019 new orders can be made, since, historically, Hualpén has maintained a high average order. In 2018, for example, 75 units were delivered between the Irizar i6 and i6S models.

Among the optional features of the cars is the existence of Hispacold Eco3 air purifiers in the passenger lounge, which improves indoor air quality, avoiding odors, neutralizing microorganisms and increasing oxygen concentration.

Foto Hualpén

Technical Committee 

In addition to the buses, Irizar also offered to Hualpén the formation of a Technical Committee that began in February. Through it technical visits were made to other countries, such as Mexico and Spain, so that the employees of Hualpén could have contact with operations of other transportation companies, personalized support regarding spare parts, technical and field training.

This action demonstrates Irizar’s constant commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction through the after-sales department throughout the life of the vehicle.