Irizar na contra mao da crise_web

Irizar bucking the trend of the crisis

June 2015

Irizar Brazil took advantage of the crisis to train employees

Despite the crisis, Irizar Brazil did not lay off employees. On the contrary, 90 employees will spend the next three months in Spain.

Irizar is bucking the trend of the crisis which is gripping the automotive industry. The company’s employees have not suffered redundancy, collective holidays or lay-offs. Instead, they are travelling abroad.

The story began just as it did for many other factories in the automotive industry. Domestic sales fell along with exports and the production of 80 vehicles per month was halved. This meant that staff were left without much to do, but the rest of the story is different.

The company did not lay off any employees or grant collective holidays. The period of decline in production is being used to train employees.

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