Expresso Nordeste with Irizar coachwork

November 2015


The Paraná-based operator, Expresso Nordeste, has acquired 26 i6 Plus coaches with greater load capacity from the coachbuilder, Irizar. The new vehicles are 14 metres long and are equipped with 42 seats with USB ports, leg rests, three TV monitors, Wi-Fi internet connection, toilet, refrigerator, sockets to recharge mobile phones or other electronic devices, heating, air conditioning system and chromotherapy lighting (lights with a variation of the three primary colours and different intensities, giving passengers a sense of rest and relaxation).

The vehicles will have Volvo B420R 6×2 chassis. The first six units have already been produced. Four more will be assembled in October. Expresso Nordeste is a long-standing client of Irizar and its fleet includes some of the brand’s other coachwork models.

Source: Informativo AutoBus em 01/10/2015
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