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Empresa Transportes Linea, from Peru, acquires 12 i6S units for its first interprovincial fleet

January 2019

In the second half of December 2018, Irizar Brasil delivered 12 new units of Irizar i6S car bodies acquired by the Peruvian company Transportes Linea. All units were manufactured under Volvo chassis, model B380R 4X2 E5 and are 3.90m high and 13.20m long.

The acquisition of the units will comprise the company ‘s first interprovincial fleet, which will be responsible for the Lima – Trujillo – Lima line service.

All the bodies delivered were customized in an exclusive way, which is one of the most accentuated features of the Irizar brand. Of particular note are the condensed water reuse system of the air conditioning system, WC with urinal, position lights on the roof and side and 4 monitors in the passenger lounge.

Irizar Brasil, which is one of the largest suppliers of buses for the transport of personnel of Linea, has maintained its partnership for years and now also becomes a supplier of buses for the transportation of passengers.

Foto Linea